Resources to help the people of PNG understand the Bible.

Sapos yu laik lukim dispela pes long Tok Pisin.

“Jesus is ‘the stone you builders did not accept. But it has become the most important stone of all.’ You can’t be saved by believing in anyone else. God has given people no other name under heaven that will save them.”


 Our Resources 

A New Bible Translation
The New Tok Pisin Bible is God’s Word in the Tok Pisin language. It has been produced to help people be clear about what God himself has said. Some books of the Bible are not yet completed, but many are, and are available here for you to read. 

Study Books
 Bible verses are not isolated from each other. Together they tell the story of the work of God. The Study Books are designed to help you understand the meaning and heart of God’s story so that you may know more of Him, and know what He desires.

Here you will be able to access sermons that I have preached. Some are in the Tok Pisin language, while others will be in English suitable for PNG. God Himself is at the heart of His Word, and those who will preach must speak of God first and foremost.

Sunday's Word
God’s Word has the power to work in the hearts of people, to change their thinking and their lives. Sunday’s Word is a weekly message from God’s Word designed to encourage, to teach and to challenge God’s people.

Helpful Articles
From time to time churches speak of things that are not in the Bible. Here, in Helpful Articles, I will occasionally write articles that aim to make some of these things clearer. For example, you will be able to read about Martin Luther.

Gospel Tracts
Many people are confused about the gospel of God. In Gospel Tracts you will see a number of short explanations of the gospel designed to help you understand God’s way of saving sinners through the faithful work of Jesus.


Our Story.

My wife and I lived in Papua New Guinea for 24 years. We resided in a remote village location in the district of Okapa in the Eastern Highlands Province. There we proclaimed the gospel of God. The gospel of God is the good-news story of how God saves sinful men and women, boys and girls, through the faithful work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The gospel we preach.

When the gospel was preached the Holy Spirit opened the eyes, ears and hearts of a number of men and women in several villages resulting in their repentance and faith. This is what they believe: Jesus was faithful in his obedience to God, even to the point of going to His death on the cross to pay the penalty for their sin and rebellion. They believe that God saves sinful men and women because of the faithful work of Jesus. They understand that God will never accept them because of their own work no matter how faithful they might be. No, it is Jesus’ faithful work alone that saves. This is why they repented of their rebellion against God and put their trust in Jesus and trust what His faithful work accomplished for them.

God’s love.

This faith brought the believers genuine happiness. They now know that it was God who moved towards them, and it was Jesus’ faithful work that saved them, and that it was the Holy Spirit who opened their eyes, ears, and heart in order that they could see, understand and believe. Thus it became clear to them that God loved them and that they would never ever experience God’s anger at their sin and failures. When they think of all the work God did for them they experience real joy and their heartfelt gratefulness goes out to God.

Churches established.

It was this gospel, this “good-news”, they believed and, desiring to hold fast to this faith, they began meeting together as a family of believers. In this way churches were established in the villages. These men and women were new to believing and trusting in Jesus’ faithful work, and so I resolved to remain with them and teach them all that the Bible teaches.

Tok Pisin and the local language.

At first I was committed to learning and using the local language to proclaim Jesus’ faithful work. And so, right at the outset, I began learning the local language. Nevertheless I later changed my mind and began to learn more adequately the Tok Pisin language to use in my ministry. One reason for my change of mind was that I observed the children speaking and using the Tok Pisin language first, and only later did they learn their vernacular. I began to think that it would not be too long before Tok Pisin would become the primary language throughout PNG.

The thinking behind this website.

Another reason I had for changing my mind and using the Tok Pisin language was the fact that it was God who orchestrated the establishment of Tok Pisin as a language in PNG, and through this language many people could hear God’s Word as it speaks of Jesus’ faithfulness. I thought that the resources I produced in the Tok Pisin language could be valuable to people right across the whole of PNG to gain knowledge of God’s work in saving sinful men and women. It is for this reason I have established this website. My work to date in translating God’s Word into the Tok Pisin language, and the resources produced to teach the believers in the villages where we lived could be made available to many more throughout PNG.

Desiring to be helpful.

I do not see my work as somehow superior to the work of others. I do not consider my translation of the Scriptures to be somehow more impressive than the Buk Baibel or the translations produced by various groups. Not at all. My desire is for God’s people to gain as clear an understanding as possible of all that God says in His Word. For this reason I have tried hard to translate the Scriptures in ways that I hope will be helpful, encouraging a greater understanding of the message and meaning of God’s Word. If this new Tok Pisin Bible translation together with other resources on this website helps you in that, then that is a very good and pleasing outcome, and together we can praise God as we unite in Jesus and follow Him.


– Glenn and Beth Calderwood